Artz ‘N’ Action – Art & Design Instruction

Artz ‘N’ Action: Creativity, Culture & Caring for Kidz

Artz ‘N’ Action is more than a children’s “arts & crafts” course, it’s an active study in the fine arts that gives children the opportunity to explore their world & find their inner creativity, in a caring environment that nurtures their self esteem. Children need to dream and express themselves in order to grow. They need to understand and respect the beauty and diversity of the world around them in order to find themselves. MORE >

Artz ‘N’ Action Graphic Design and Fine Art Instruction for Adults

We also offer adults and teens instruction in fine art and graphic art. With over 15 years of advertising experience using the top graphic design and web development software and tools, Artz ‘N’ Action provides expertise and real world industry experience. Contact us for more details.

Class Opportunities:

Summer 2 – “Imagine & Create

Art & Dance Summer Camp”

Artz N Action and Allisons Dance Academy Art and Dance Summer Camp header

Come Imagine and Create with us….

waterworld rock of the ages

Join us for a magical summer adventure you’ll never forget…

  • Week One – Waterworld : Luau, Atlantis, Pirate & Princess

  • Week Two – 50’s, 60’s & 70’s & 80’s

Mon – Thurs. July 8th – 18th
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